Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 Things that Determine your Child's Behavior

This is another great 'rule' of child behavior.

I consider this a good wake up call for parents.
I believe every child has behavior problems at some point.
Realizing that your child has behavior issues is one thing - taking responsibility for them is something completely different.

This principle goes in line with some of the previous posts I have written on child behavior, so in a way it is a recap.
(Once again, this information was given to me from a child behavior specialist; my friend Marsha Lima).

Just keep this in mind the next time your kid acts out:
There are 3 things a parent can do that will determine how their child is going to behave.
These are how they present, react, and respond to their kids.

* Presentation:
*How do you present things to your children?
Are you using the appropriate words? (Asking vs. Telling)
Do your order or demand?
Are you respectful?

* Reaction:
What is your reaction to things that they do?
Are you quick to judge?
Are you understanding?
Are you responding to the first positive sign of communication?

* Response:
How do you respond to your children?
Are you kind?
Do you yell?
Do you mean what you say?

The more I have thought about how these things, the more I am able to discern what I need to work on.
There is always room for improvement.

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