Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cardboard Tube Sword

I finished a roll of wrapping paper, and the middle cardboard tube was lying around, so I thought I'd put it to some good use.
We have a toy sword already... but the boys fight over it a lot, so I thought I'd make an additional one.

Cardboard Tube Sword

Materials Needed:
- 2 toilet paper centers
- 1 sturdy wrapping paper cardboard center
- tin foil
- tape and scissors

Step 1)
Cut one end of each tp tube in a half circle

Step 2)
On one end of the wrapping paper tube, cut two slits, about 1" long

Step 3)
Fold the corner pieces in towards the center, forming 2 spikes

Step 4)
Tape the two spikes together to form a point

Step 5)
Cover all 3 tubes in tinfoil

Step 6)
Attach the handles

The boys loved it.

Cannon calls it "Sword X" (not to be confused with sword T) - I was informed several times that it isn't a 'T', it is an 'X'...

It took Lincoln about 2 seconds before he tried to eat it, so I ended up wrapping the whole thing in packaging tape to waterproof it.

Sword X provided some good entertainment; from hitting your brother, to riding it as a pony, to playing it as an air guitar, etc.  AND, it has survived and still captures interest for over a week now, which is saying something...


  1. Ha ha, good idea. And that first picture of Cannon is so stinking CUTE!!

  2. Thanks! This helped me with my History homework. I had to make a Sword for the Battle of Hastings