Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Laminated Shape Matching Book

We've had this book for over a year now.  My kids still play with it.  I can only show you the finished project, but I'll include good instructions on how to make it yourself.

Materials Needed:
- 4 8.5x11" white cardstock pages
- 8 misc. colored cardstock for shapes
- tape or glue
- laminated pages (optional)
- hole punches or book binding (optional)
- double sided sticky velcro

Here's How:
- for each page of colored cardstock, cut out two matching shapes.  We have a heart, diamond, triangle, square, circle, star, octagon and pentagon.

- Tape or glue two different shapes to each white cardstock page - front and back (leaving two sides blank for the front and back covers of the book).

- Laminate pages and additional matching shapes (this is optional, but it will make it last a lot longer).
* If you don't want to pay for laminating, you can use packaging tape.  Cut long strips and lay them out, overlapping slightly, with the sticky side up, making a 'sheet' of tape.  Put shapes or sheets of paper on top of the tape, and smooth over with your hand.  Repeat for the other side.

- Bind the book together, or use a hole punch and tie pages together with string/yarn

- Attach the double sided sticky velcro to the shapes in the book, and the shapes that match

You're Done!

Cannon has been able to match them up for a while, but he still breaks it out from time to time.  It also works well for color and shape recognition.

 I like the book because you can fold it up and put it on the shelf, but you could also do the same idea on a posterboard, or felt would be cool... just expirament with what you have.

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