Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Balloon on a String

Everything should come in 2's.  Or 3's, or more, depending on how many kids you have.  Either that or I should be a better teacher on sharing.
Either way, Great Grandma Denna gave the boys a punching balloon.  You know, one of those balloon's on a string, you can use it like a punching bag?

It was a big hit at our house.  Too big.  Too big to share, at least.  They both needed one.

One red balloon and three rubber bands later...
I'm always suprised at how little you need to keep your kids occupied.

He wasn't happy... at first.

He soon got over it...

HIS red balloon turned out to be much better than Lincoln's yellow one.  At least in his mind.

Which tunred out to be great for everyone. since Lincoln was not giving his up!

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