Thursday, January 21, 2010

Card Recognition Game

This was a gift I made for Cannon for his birthday a while back.  We were working on speech therapy at the time, and he needed some motivation.
In the end, it turned out to be a major improvement for his fine motor, speech, and  sign language skills.

 I started with an old baby formula can.  I used some roll on stickers to decorate the can and the lid, and cut a hole in the lid like a piggy bank.

For the cards, I used Microsoft Word to organize all of my pictures.  I downloaded some from the internet, but most were taken from clipart... easy! 
I printed pictures of the alphabet, animals, numbers, foods, objects, and signs I wanted him to learn.

 I made them all about 1x1.5" and printed them out.
I wanted mine to last, so I laminated them. (Try using packaging tape to laminate yourself).

They worked like a charm.  For fine motor: we would have him pick up a card and sign it with his other hand.  Putting the cards through the slotted lid helped too.

His speech improved as he tried to say what was on the card.  Or what sound the animal made, or what color it was.  You could obviously use them for whatever you are working on (or just for fun).  This helped a lot with his sign language as well.

Even if they aren't necessarily learning from the cards, the boys still love to play with them (they make a huge mess throwing them all over the place... or eating them... or whatever else they can think of).

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