Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bubble Cup

This idea was shown to me by my friend Marsha Lima.  My kids love it, and so will yours!

Materials Needed:
- styrofoam cup
- drinking straw
- rubber band
- 4x4" piece of cotton fabric
- squirt bottle
- water
- dish soap

Here's How:
- soak cotton fabric under running water
- ring out so damp but not dripping

- fasten damp rag around cup with the rubber band
- use the straw to make a hole in the cup, just under the fabric

Be sure to make the hole as small as possible, so no air can get in or out around the straw.
It should look something like this...

Then, drizzle some dish soap on top of the fabric...

Use your finger to rub it into the cloth, all around the top of the cup

Next, put the straw through the hole.
Spray the top of the cloth with the squirt bottle, and blow through the straw...

And the bubbles will start coming....

And coming....

And coming!

When the bubbles start to stop, spray the rag with water or apply more soap...

This kept Cannon entertained for well over 30 minutes.
He liked playing in the bubbles after they were all over the table as well...

Needless to say he was not excited to get ready for bed (we should have done this in the afternoon, not after dinner).  But either way, he loved it!

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