Thursday, July 8, 2010

Horseback Riding at Courage Reins

Every friday my boys get to go horseback riding!
(another wonderful perk from being involved with kids on the move)

This takes place at
 Courage Reins Therapeutic Riding Center.
 (more info on that later...)

It is a great opportunity for them to branch out and try something new.
And it's really fun as a parent to watch!

Lincoln was lucky enough to get into the program (thanks, Marsha!), even though he doesn't deserve it. He is still very unsure about the whole thing...

The instructor took a special interest in Cannon.
He LOVES horses... until he see's them up close and personal.

It took him a few weeks to work up the courage to touch one.

Each week they had him try something 'harder' than the week before.
After about a month he actually asked if he could "sit on the horse".
(Did I mention that the staff is totally awesome?  And that they really know how to work with kids?)

They work a lot on the individual needs of the children riding.
Lincoln works specifically on "stop" and "go", since he is working on speech.
Cannon worked up to eventually holding the reins all by himself.

And if you haven't noticed they are really good about safety.
Helmets are a must.
(This is probably the funniest picture of Lincoln ever taken).  Makes me laugh out loud every time...

After a while he got used to it.

They also always have at least 3 people with the riders at all times; one leading the horse, and one on both sides.

Depending on the day they get to ride for 10-20 minutes (which is a long time for a toddler).

After each session my kiddo's like to walk around and say goodbye to the other horses.

I still don't think Lincoln cares much for it, but Cannon gets really excited when it is 'horse day'.

So... want to take your kids?
They wouldn't be in the same program (obviously), but Courage Reigns offers a lot of options.
Here is some information taken from their website:

Therapeutic horseback riding differs from traditional therapy in the sense that it offers physical activity combined with the development of a skill. With this skill the students can:
  • share their talent with family and friends
  • experience the excitement and fun of competition
  • enjoy the learning process
  • build self-confidence
  • improve concentration and attention span
  • learn memory and sequencing abilities
  • progress in speech
  • gain social skills
Riding therapy involves living, breathing animals. So students enjoy the well-documented benefits of pet therapy, including improved socialization, increased compassion and responsibility, and better communication. Each hard-working therapy horse is carefully selected for the individual rider.

Riding is dynamic. The three-dimensional movement of the horse helps to:
• improve posture and balance
• improve spatial orientation and body awareness
• increase circulation
• relax rigid muscles
• stimulate natural hip movement and development in the non-ambulatory
• tone and strengthen muscles
• improve coordination
• improve fine and gross motor skills
Riding Lesson for the Non-disabled Rider
The sessions are 60 minutes in duration and will generally include up to fifteen minutes of assisting with caring for or tacking their horse. Sessions are available in both English and Western styles of riding.
Group Riding Activity or Event
Horses are rented by the hour along with an instructor at a ratio of no more than 4:1.
The horses are available for on-site riding only. We do have almost 12 acres in large pastures and can sometimes offer a field riding experience after assessing the abilities of each rider. Group riding is great for birthday parties or other special events.
This particular option has been popular with many groups including the Alpine School District Special Needs Program, the Utah School for the Deaf & Blind, the Center for Change and the Alpine Transition & Employment Center, to name a few.

Contact Information:
We would ask that visits to Courage Reins be made by appointment only. Once we get into the lesson schedule things are very busy. By making an appointment we can make sure someone is on hand to give you a tour, ensure your safety and respond immediately to any questions you might have.
Barn Office
Tuesday – Friday 9pm – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 5 pm
(there is an voice messaging system to pick up calls whenever we are not in the office)

Physical Address
5879 W 10400 N
Highland, UT 84003

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  1. Hey! I think that's the place Heidi used to go. She loved it. Yeah, that picture of Lincoln is pretty dang awesome. :)