Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yarn Octopus

I have a box in my office, and I try to keep it stacked with bagged activities in case I am ever in the need of something instantly.

Well, the other day Cannon asked to play with an octopus.
I didn't have one of those lying around.

But I did have the materials to make one in my handy little box:

Materials Needed:
- Yarn
- Ribbon (to tie around neck)
- Two small buttons (for the eyes)
- String (for the smile)
- small ball (ping-pong or golf ball size)

Step 1:
Cut 24 pieces of yarn into equal lengths (about 1 1/2 - 2 feet long)
Make them into a spider web.

 Wrap the middle section around your ball and tie the neck off with your ribbon:

Glue the eyes and mouth on.
You should have enough strings to make 8 braids (6 strands per braid).

I pretty much won the "awesome mom of the day award" for actually producing an octopus upon request.
It was pretty easy, too.

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