Friday, June 10, 2011

Sugar Daddy Father's Day Gift Idea

This was what our ward handed out last year for Father's Day.  Perfectly simple.

Sugar Daddy
by Roberta Stephenson
Some daddies are short and some dads are tall,
Some fish and some hunt and some like to play ball.
Some chase a ball 'round a golf course,
Some dads work as actors and some ride a horse.

Some dads like to fix things when they are broke
Like dishwashers, sprinklers and bicycle spokes.
Some daddies teach school and some work at the mall,
Some dads are policemen and some dads are on call.

Some dads work on computers all day 'till they're tired,
Some dads have gray hair and now they're retired.
Some dads are adopted and some are not,
But however we got them we love them a lot.

So whether you fish or unt or play ball,
Whether you're short or even quite tall,
Whatever your role as a Daddy may be,
Today you are a SUGAR DADDY.

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