Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grove Creek River Fun

Does your family like to hike?
We are big outdoor fans, so
we love taking our boys out and about in the foothills whenever we get the chance.

There are lots of trails around here that are perfectly reasonable for a 4 and 2 year old to go on (I'll have to get to those later).

There are also a lot of places/trails that include water!

We just went and explored the river at the base of Grove Creek Canyon in Pleasant Grove.
The boys loved it!

Just below the parking lot the river runs out of the canyon and forks into two walkable paths.

With lots of room for exploring...

And plenty of places to splash,

Or take a cookie break,

Or to run and throw rocks...

And everything else two little boys would love to do.
They had a blast, and were sad to leave after an hour and a half.
We will be going back, for sure.

want to take your kids?
If they love to explore and love getting wet,
this is the perfect place!

The water is pretty shallow (there are places that can get up to their waists, but they are easy to avoid), so no worries about that!
Just be sure to bring some good shoes.
And maybe some chairs for you.

Here's How to get there:
From State Street in Orem:
Head south on state street (toward pleasant grove)
Turn right just after "The Purple Turtle" restaurant on 100 East.
Continue on that road, until you take a right onto Grove Creek Drive (a cemetary will be on the left side).
Follow that road all the way up to the base of the canyon and you'll run into a parking lot.
There is a trail just west of the outhouse that will lead you down to the river.
You can follow the water up or down (it will fork off in a new direction if you go up).

Have fun!

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  1. sounds like FUN-- we will haveto go there--- and let the kids run out all their energy! thx for the info