Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-School Projects

Cannon's pre-school is officially over for the year.
Here are some of the projects that he brought home.
 Maybe it can spark some arts and crafts ideas for you and your kids.

Colored Leaf Picture
This one is pretty cool, and very easy.
Just pick some leaves, put them under your paper, and color over them with crayons.

Paper Plate Masks
(modeled by his cousin, Blake)

Finger Print Painting
I have wanted to try this idea for a while, but never got around to it, so was glad that he did it at school.
The idea is to stick a finger in paint, press it to the paper, and make pictures using your fingerprint.

In this case, they did a book about lady-bugs:

While they were on 'bugs', he also brought home this ladybug craft that he thought was pretty cool:

My guess is that this activity was used to practice cutting with scissors.
A brad holds the wings in place so they can open and close:

They also made a Felt Train, using cotton balls for the smoke.

Paper Flowers were made as another 'cutting' exercise.

And of course you have to do fingerpainting, right?

Have Fun!

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