Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cereal Box Characters

Cannon has reached the point of make believe friends.
Mostly they consist of his Uncle McKell (who just left for 2 years), and "kids" as he calls them.
He plays with his fire truck saying things like "get out of the truck please Uncle McKell.  Thank you.  Okay kids, get in the truck."
It is very entertaining in and of itself, but I was throwing out some cereal boxes and noticed they had quiet a few characters on them.
I thought I'd provide Cannon with some alternates; to go along with the imaginary friends...

Cereal Box Characters

These came together really quickly.
First, cut out your characters:

Now you are going to make a 'stand' for each one.
Find part of the cereal box that has a bend in it:

Now you are going to make 2 more folds.
You want to make a triangle, but they are not going to be the same length.
Kind of hard to explain, so here are some pictures:

Once you have creased everything to make a triangle (with a little flap that folds underneath), lay it out flat again. 

Now you will cut individual strips out of it to use for each character:

Take the edge just under the smallest flap and secure it to the character (I used staples):

Now fold it up the way it was and secure the top (I used tape):

Now they should stand upright:

Now finish the rest:

And try not to be disapointed when all your kid wants to do is color over all of their faces:

Oh well, it kept him involved for long enough.


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