Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milk Jug Catch

This is a really easy game that comes together quickly.
My boys loved it.

Milk Jug Catch

Materials Needed:
- Washed out Milk Jugs
- String or Yarn
- Scissors
- Squishy Balls

Start by cutting off the bottom half of your milk jugs.

Make sure the handle is still in tact.

Using your scissors, poke a hole just under the spout.
 Run your string through and tie a knot.

Then tie the othr end around your ball.

And you're done!

The idea is to swing the ball and catch it in the carton.
It is surprisingly hard for a 4 year old, so he cheats...

This has actually turned out to be a bigger success than I thought.  We don't go anywhere without his 'squishy ball' these days.

Have fun!

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