Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alphabet Snake

Cannon goes through stages of obsession.  Toys, Movies, Food, you name it.  He gets stuck on something and can't live without it until it is replaced with the next best thing.
Right now he is on the alphabet.  He has started to spell out words he sees around the house, so I thought we'd fly with the idea while he was still interested.

Alphabet Snake

Materials Needed:
- green craft or construction paper
- printer or black magic marker
- scissors
- laminating (optional)

Here's How:
- Use your computer or an oval stencil to trace out the ovals
(I used Microsoft Word and positionedeach letter in the center of each oval. 
I have spent a while trying to figure out how to attach a PDF file to a blog post and haven't figured it out yet, so I can't include a link to what I've already done :( 
If you know how to do it let me know and I'll attach a copy, which could save you quiet a bit of time.  Or you can request one from me and I'll email it to you).

- I printed the ovals with letters on them out on two shades of green craft paper
- You can print out the letters or do it free hand with a black marker (or have your kids do it)
(I did the complete alphabet, with additional vowels and other letters so he could spell words, make his name, etc.)

- To make the head of the snake, I used the same size oval and stuck on two smaller black ovals to make the eyes.
- I cut out the tongue from red craft paper.

As always, I like to laminate things so they last longer.
Most of my kid projects are laminated with packaging tape, like this:

- I lay out long strips of packaging tape, sticky side up
- Fold over both edges to secure the lines of tape to the table.
- Stick the snake ovals to the tape

Be sure and put the lettered side face down (on the sticky part).  It will ensure that the good side is smooth and has a nice finished look.
Next, take another strip of tape and lay it on top
- Start by attaching the end of the tape to the table, just above the attached piece of tape.
- Use a credit card to smooth the tape pieces together as you put the top layer of tape on

You will most likely get ridges and bumps, but they will be on the back side of the snake, so it will still look nice.

Then cut them out; make sure the tape is atached around the outside of each oval.

And You're Done!

Now go spell something...

Or write your name...

Or whatever else comes to mind!

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  1. Hey, Michelle! Just found your blog from the Pleasant Springs Village site and love it! It's always fun to learn more about your neighbors. And I really like the alphabet snake idea, too. Thanks for sharing!