Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bean Box

Does your kid love the sand box?  Too cold or wet to go outside?  Make one for the indoors!
Yet another great idea from Kids on the Move.

Bean Box

Materials Needed:
- dried beans, rice, legumes, etc.
- small cups, containers, spoons, etc.
- large plastic container with lid
- small toys or trinkets (optional)

Here's How:
Start by gathering your dried food items.  I used dried pinto beans, white rice, wheat berries and lentils (about 10 cups total).  Just use whatever you have in your pantry.

Pour them all into a large plastic container.
Toss in some cups, spoons and containers...
and you're done!
You can put some toys or other small objects in there for them to dig around and find later on if you want, but my kids didn't really go for that.

Cannon just needed some other containers to scoop them up and dump them into.

This has provided several hours of combined play time at our house.  Cleanup is fairly easy as well... just sweep up the strays.

I don't know what he loves so much about it, but it isn't just him.  His cousin Dallas always asks to play with the 'beans and rice' when he comes over.

And the best part?  It is WAY better for you than sand!

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  1. Oh the sand box days with Kai!! Those were some nasty diapers. This is a cute idea.