Thursday, February 18, 2010

TP Binoculars

My husband keeps finding toilet paper rolls around the house, and wonders why I hold on to such things...

TP Binoculars

Materials Needed:
- two TP rolls
- one 8.5x11 colored paper
- scotch tape
- hole punch
- string

Here's How:
I started by letting Cannon draw on his choice of colored paper.

Next, cut the paper so you have two 4.5x6" pieces

Wrap each piece around a tube, then tape together

Then tape both rolls together
(I used masking tape - I thought it would add to the look)

Use your hole punch to punch two holes at the top, one on each roll

Measure your string so it will be long enough to fit over your kids head (like a necklace).
Tie each end of the string through the holes

And You're Done!

The perfect set of children's binoculars!

But PLEASE, PLEASE be mindful of the choking factor!
We don't want any chillin's getting injured...
Just leave off the string if you have concerns

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  1. What a cute idea! I think my daughter will like making this one. Thanks for the idea.