Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pasta Pets

The boys had a fun time with these.
Not that they really made anything; but they enjoyed watching and telling me what to make.
I think they just liked the feel of the pipe-cleaners.
And of course they enjoyed the end result.

Pasta Pets

Materials Needed:
- different colored chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
- dried noodles (we used penne)

 Here's How:
- Just shape the chenille stems into whatever animals you want to make.
- Use the noodles to help support the structures, or make animals without noodles.

**My favorite part: you can always straighten out the chenille stems and start over if you (or you chillins) mess up.  Hassle free.

I think they enjoyed playing with the chenille stems more than they did the animals, but either way they thought it was pretty cool.


This activity also requires them to thread noodles, which is always a good fine motor activity, as well as naturally allowing them to be creative.

Have fun!

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