Thursday, March 11, 2010

Star Finger Puppets

Need a quick craft idea?
One that doesn't need a ton of materials or time?
This is a perfect solution!

Star Finger Puppets

Materials Needed:
5x5" piece white cardstock
5x5" piece printed paper
Black magic marker
Tape or glue

Here's How:
Free hand or trace a star (or whatever shape you wish to use) on the printed paper, and cut it out.
 Trace or draw two small holes (for the fingers), and cut them out.

Free hand or trace a slighter larger star on the white cardstock, and cut it out.

With the extra scraps of cardstock, draw and cut out eyes, and two 4-point stars for the smile.

Tape or glue the printed start to the white cardstock, and cut the holes through the cardstock as well.

Attach the eyes and the stars, and draw a line connecting them to make the smile

And you're done!

Once I explained to Cannon what it was, he thought the idea was pretty cool.

However... he had a slight heart attack when he realized that mom cut the holes too small, and his fingers were hurting, and he couldn't get it off...

My hubby was able to get a good picture through the tears...

Good times...

A day or two later and he was ready to try again!
Until then he preferred to use them as Chinese Ninja Stars, throwing them all over the house, accompanied of course with his own sound effects.

Not exactly the reaction I had in mind, but it provided some good entertainment.

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