Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hiking Dry Canyon

Tate and I both love hiking.
We thought it would be good for Cannon, too.
Anything with uneven terrain is good practice for stretching your feet.
Our boys pretty much love anything that consists of them being outside.
We took them to Dry Canyon the other day... they loved it!

For those of you who have never been, there is a map at the bottom of the trail (you will not get lost!)

It starts out with some 'stairs';
(you can see them at the base of the sandy looking hill on the left).

The trail is very wide and family friendly.
Your kids should have no problem navigating their own way up.

There are some parts with a slight drop off, so you will have to supervise.
Cannon liked trying to throw rocks into the river below.

This trail wraps all the way around to Baldy and connects to the Battlecreek and Grovecreek Canyon trails.
You will obviously not go that far, but you need to at least get up to the rock steps...

That is where the view starts to get good
(not that this picture does any justice).

If you are not afraid of heights (or your kids are older), you can take them up to the cliffs.  There will be a trail that switches back up ahead on your left.
It is an excellent view, but VERY DANGEROUS for younger kids, so be mindful of that.
But don't let that scare you... there is plenty of trial for them to run around safely at the bottom.

So, want to go?
Here are the directions:
From State Street in Orem, take 200 S. (heading East), towards the Mountains.
(200 S. is the next light north of 1600 North)
Follow that road all the way up to the top.
The main road will wrap around to the right and turn into Skyline Drive.
You will want to turn left just before the main road curves to the right (sorry, don't know the street name).
Follow that road and it will take you directly to the trailhead parking lot (the road will turn to gravel just before you get there).

Have fun!

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