Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Art Photo Books

School is just around the corner for us.
Soon Cannon will be coming home with all sorts of crafts and drawings that will crowd my fridge and flood my storage compartments.

Don't get me wrong, I love to see what he comes home with.
And I love to see it on display, and how proud it makes him.

But lets be honest... there is NO WAY I am going to keep it all.
There is also no way that Cannon will willingly let me transfer it from fridge to garbage can.

So, if you find yourself sneaking art displays into the trash while your child isn't looking, you really need to pay attention to this idea.

School Art Photo Books
When your kiddo comes home with the latest and greatest artwork, take a picture of it with your camera, or scan it into your computer.

Then transfer the real thing to the fridge.
When its time to replace it with something else, you won't feel terrible about throwing out their wonderful projects, because you've got a digital copy stored away.

Cannon likes to browse through his 'artwork' folder on the computer.  I would say it makes him just as happy to see it on the screen as it did in real life.
Someday I'll actually develop the pictures so he can have something tangible to look at.

Either way, it has been a lifesaver for me... and my fridge!


  1. I have a post in draft form about this very thing. I scan all their stuff then put it on their blog -

  2. Hey, I saw this same type of idea on another craft blog, the mom assembled a digital collage and printed in out poster size to hang in her child's room. it had all his art for the entire year on one poster, and looked adorable. just a little idea to add to yours.