Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nielsen's Grove Park

My friend organized a "park group" for the neighborhood moms.
Each week we go to a different park.
This particular one was amazing.

Nielsens Grove Park

Lots of room to run around,
a big playground area,
a pond with ducks and fish,
fountains to play in,
big flower displays,
etc., etc.

Cannon loved the pond...

Especially being able to watch the fish.

Lincoln preferred the fountain.

Did I mention the fact that it is the size of a small kid pool?

With knee deep water and rubber on the bottom so kids don't slip?

And a plaque that specifically states that this fountain isn't for swimming...
but as you can see it is VERY ignored.

They have a HUGE grass field that runs through the middle of the park.

Which, by the way, it mostly fenced in.
Your kids could run for a while without getting lost.

My boys loved it!
This park seriously has it all.
If you've never been, you've got to go check it out.

Here's how to get there:
- From I15: Get off on University Parkway (UVU exit) and head east
- Turn right onto Sandhill Road (just before Walmart)
- Turn left onto 1840 South
That should take you to the parking lot.

Have fun!


  1. Hey, that's my park! There's pictures of it all over my blog. We always go there. Love love love it.

  2. that was prob one of the funest park days I think. :) just cuz you rode with me.... :) monday will be awesome too!! cute pics! i love Cannon's lil smile.... such a cutie.

  3. I have been looking for a park like this one to take my kids too. Thanks!