Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mint Chocolate Frankenpops

I was really looking forward to making these with my kids.
I was all ready for them to get covered in sticky marshmallows and chocolate and have a blast doing it.
But of course, things never go according to plan.
They preferred to sit and watch, and didn't want to touch anything.
Maybe you will have more success than me.
(Even though I did have a lot of fun making these cute little Frankenstein monsters all by myself!)

Mint Chocolate Frankenpops
These would be great to have kids decorate at a Halloween party, or to hand out to friends, or to just make at home (like us).
They come together quiet quickly, and are pretty scrumptious.

Here's what you'll need:
- large marshmallows
- mint chocolate chips OR white chocolate, mint flavoring and green food coloring
- chocolate chips
- toffee bits
- sucker sticks

Here's how:
Start by melting your chocolate:

I used white chocolate, so I ended up adding a few drops of green food coloring and some mint extract.

Once your chocolate is melted, assemble everything else.
Make sure you have some sort of contraption that will allow your 'pops' to stand up straight.  I poked some holes in a paper bowl - it worked great.

Now, poke a sucker stick in the middle of a marshmallow:

Use a spoon or knife to 'frost' the chocolate over the marshmallow.  Make sure you get the outside and the top completely covered.

Now add your regular chocolate chips to the top - they remind me of little curls...

Take two chocolate chips and cut the tops off.
Use the flat portions as the eyes.

Then grab some toffee chips and stick those in for the teeth.

Continue decorating the rest of your marshmallows.

You can even dab a toothpick in the chocolate and make pupils for the eyes...

That is the perfect Halloween sucker if I do say so myself!

Have fun!

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