Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paper Pumpkins, Napkin Ghosts and Egg Carton Arachnids

These are 3 really easy Halloween crafts that you can make with stuff you have lying around the house.
We did all three for a play group - it lasted about 1 1/2 - 2 hours with three kids.


Paper Pumpkins
I got this idea last year when Cannon brought this home from preschool:

I have a plethora of scrapbook paper but not 1 piece of construction paper, so we did ours a little differently.
I started with a cereal box so they would be more sturdy.

On each big piece of the box I drew a pumpkin.

Then Cannon and I cut off the edges.

Each kid colored their pumpkins however they wanted.

Then I asked them what types of shapes they wanted for the eyes, nose and mouth.
They liked picking their own shapes and colors.
I used the flaps of the cereal box to make everything else.

Then they glued them onto their pumpkins.

Here's what we came up with:

Napkin Ghosts
I made these every Halloween as a kid.

Start by having the kids each unfold a napkin.

Give them each a plastic spoon, and 2-3 additional napkins.
Wad the napkins into a ball, and place it inside of the spoon.

Take the unfolded napkin and wrap it over the 'head' of the ghost.

Tie it off with a rubber band.

Now draw faces:


 The spoon gives them a handle so they can 'fly' their ghosts around, which they loved.

**  This would be even better if you used a lollipop instead of napkins and a spoon to make the head.  That way they could have a treat to go home with, but I didn't have any.  Next time...

And now for my personal favorite:

Egg Carton Arachnids
You will need to paint the cup portions of your egg carton black.  I didn't really feel up to letting 3 kids break out paint with only me supervising, so I spray painted before they got here.

Cut out individual cups (the corner pieces work best).
Now take 2 pieces of black pipe cleaner (per spider) and cut them in half.

Use a large quilting needle (or sharp pencil, etc.) to poke 4 holes in each side of the egg cup.
Start feeding your pipe cleaners through the holes.
 ** I actually found that it works much better to criss-cross the legs, rather than go straight across.

Now glue some google eyes into place.

Bend each leg out at the bottom to form the feet, and you're done.


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